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Re: Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  >David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  >> 2. Making software work and install takes work and money. Microsoft
  >> developed a product call IE.
  It might be worthwhile to note that Microsoft purchased browser
  software developed by Spyglass which then became IE.  It would
  not be accurate to imply that Microsoft developed a product called
  IE out of whole cloth.
  I would hope that it would not be "slanderous" to also note that
  earlier this year Spyglass had alleged that Microsoft was withholding
  royalty payments, and had requested an audit.  I believe this was
  settled out of court by Microsoft paying Spygless some agreed
  on lump sum.  An outcome similar to that of the suit brought
  against Microsoft by Seattle Computer Products, the developers of
  the 86Q-DOS operating system which Microsoft purchased for $50,000
  in 1981, and became MS-DOS as licensed to IBM.  This suit, the
  allegations of which I do not readily have, was also settled by
  Microsoft paying SCP nearly $1 million.
  >From reviewing the history of Microsoft's buyouts, software purchases,
  equity investments and "partnerships", and how these find their way
  into Microsoft branded products, I can see how someone could conclude
  that Microsoft in actuality has rarely developed something completely
  on their own, but has relied on purchasing someone else's innovation,
  creativity, and foresight as their R&D.  If this was indeed shown to
  be fact, it would none the less not be a crime, but it would give one
  cause to not credit Microsoft too much for "developing" their products.
  -John Bryan
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