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Some relevant web pages

  John N Bryan wrote:
  > >From reviewing the history of Microsoft's buyouts, software purchases,
  > equity investments and "partnerships", and how these find their way
  > into Microsoft branded products, I can see how someone could conclude
  > that Microsoft in actuality has rarely developed something completely
  > on their own, but has relied on purchasing someone else's innovation,
  > creativity, and foresight as their R&D.  If this was indeed shown to
  > be fact, it would none the less not be a crime, but it would give one
  > cause to not credit Microsoft too much for "developing" their products.
  Someone recently posted to the list a link to the Boycott Microsoft
  page, which contains "The Whole Microsoft Catalog", a long list of their
  acquisitions. The catalog is located at:
  Another page that covers Microsoft acquisitions is "The Acquisition
  Register", located at 
  (move your mouse over the colored keys on the cash register to select
  topics). This page is part of a great site, "Who do you want to own
  today?", at:
  Another very interesting text was something I came across on USENET,
  entitled "The Microsoft Method". It talks about MS and Auto-By-Tel,
  online travel, Citrix, Stac, Go Corp., Micrographx, and Sidewalk, with a
  complete list of media sources. I hadn't seen it anywhere before, and
  the author/source was uncredited. I saved a copy on my personal home
  page, until I could find the author and source. My copy is located at:
  If anyone knows where this came from, I'm sure we'd all appreciate a
  post here on the list.
  And last, if you missed the details of Borland's Unfair Competition
  lawsuit, their legal complaint was posted briefly on their web site, and
  then removed. However, the page is still there, there just aren't any
  links to it. You can read it by doing a search in Alta Vista on
  "+borland +microsoft +legal +complaint", about the fourth item in the
  search results entitled "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE", or you can just browse
  Dave Sieber