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Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  > Your credibility is nil, because you sound off with no facts, and when
  > I reply with facts you make personal accusations, equally unfounded. I
  > use Microsoft products in my business. That makes me like 200 million
  > other people; so what? Does it mean that if you talk rubbish then your
  > words have more credibility than if I talk unarguable facts? Do you
  > think that credibility comes with being obstreperous?
  > Regards,
  > David E. Y. Sarna       davids@objectsoftcorp.com
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  > evidence
  > 	On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  > 	>Then we can take this non-issue off
  > 	>the table.
  > 	Mr. Sarna,
  > 	You've been consistently defending MS at, it would seem, all
  > costs since your
  > 	business appears to rely solely on MS, or so you've given the
  > impression.
  > 	First, how can we take anything you say at face value? You have
  > a direct
  > 	financial stake in MS's continued dominance. Your credibility is
  > a little
  > 	strained, I should think. Many of us who oppose MS are not at
  > all
  > 	financially-dependent on MS. I for one manage to be very
  > productive in my job
  > 	without ever using a scrap of MS software.
  > 	I'm not attacking you personally since I don't know you at all,
  > but I do know
  > 	what you've said on this list about your company and it's
  > dependence on MS
  > 	continued good will. Based on that, it's really difficult to
  > take your avowals
  > 	at face value.
  > 	Second, let's leave it up to you: what issues ought to be ``on
  > the table'' on
  > 	a mailing list devoted to appraising MS. 
  > 	I'd like to hear from a MS defender if there is ANY thing that
  > MS does that
  > 	you think that oughn't to do. As I said in an earlier post, is
  > there anything
  > 	even CONCEIVABLE that MS could do to make you re-assess your
  > support?
  > 	Well...?
  > 	Best,
  > 		Kendall G. Clark