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RE: Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  I am not a self-appointed defender of Microsoft or of anyone else. I
  listen to what is said here, and I comment, as I think appropriate. Who
  are you to demand of me to say what MS ought or ought not to do? If Bill
  decides he needs advice, I'm sure he can track me down. 
  I applaud you, nevertheless. You certainly do not need to use MS
  software, and if you are as productive as you say without, then good for
  you. You voted with your feet!  I don't use "a scrap" of Novell
  software. But I don't go around mindlessly bashing them because of it. 
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  > On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  > >Then we can take this non-issue off
  > >the table.
  > Mr. Sarna,
  > You've been consistently defending MS at, it would seem, all costs
  > since your
  > business appears to rely solely on MS, or so you've given the
  > impression.
  > First, how can we take anything you say at face value? You have a
  > direct
  > financial stake in MS's continued dominance. Your credibility is a
  > little
  > strained, I should think. Many of us who oppose MS are not at all
  > financially-dependent on MS. I for one manage to be very productive in
  > my job
  > without ever using a scrap of MS software.
  > I'm not attacking you personally since I don't know you at all, but I
  > do know
  > what you've said on this list about your company and it's dependence
  > on MS
  > continued good will. Based on that, it's really difficult to take your
  > avowals
  > at face value.
  > Second, let's leave it up to you: what issues ought to be ``on the
  > table'' on
  > a mailing list devoted to appraising MS. 
  > I'd like to hear from a MS defender if there is ANY thing that MS does
  > that
  > you think that oughn't to do. As I said in an earlier post, is there
  > anything
  > even CONCEIVABLE that MS could do to make you re-assess your support?
  > Well...?
  > Best,
  > 	Kendall G. Clark