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RE: Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  In reply to David E. Y. Sarna's message sent 11/9/97 3:44 PM:
  >I am not a self-appointed defender of Microsoft or of anyone else. I
  >listen to what is said here, and I comment, as I think appropriate. Who
  >are you to demand of me to say what MS ought or ought not to do? If Bill
  >decides he needs advice, I'm sure he can track me down. 
  >I applaud you, nevertheless. You certainly do not need to use MS
  >software, and if you are as productive as you say without, then good for
  >you. You voted with your feet!  I don't use "a scrap" of Novell
  >software. But I don't go around mindlessly bashing them because of it. 
  Whoa -- wait a minute here: are you saying it's acceptable to classify a 
  Microsoft critic as a "mindless basher," but not okay to politely enquire 
  into whether or not you might be a "Bill hugger?"
  Can you say "double standard?" I knew you could. 
     Mitch Stone
     An ounce of hypocrisy is worth a pound of ambition.
                                         -- Michael Korda
     Boycott Microsoft ** http://www.vcnet.com/bms