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Re: Different cars?

  And because the Gates Car Company has bullied all the parts stores to
  carry ONLY their parts, I am almost forced to buy a Gates Model Car so
  that I can have it services in the future.
  Paul Ingels 
  jodi em burt wrote:
  > I think that the basic components should have some sort of "agreed on"
  > basis for operation, so that no matter what type of computer you are using
  > or OS you want to use, everyone can travel down the same highway...
  > It's then up to the consumer what kind of car he/she wants: what kind of
  > options, what sort of attachments, how much power, etc...
  > Yes, I realize this is very simplistic,
  > I just don't think I like the models that the Gates Car Lot has to offer...
  > Jodi Burt
  > jemb@mindspring.com
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