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their perceptions / our perceptions

  ckelly@cpcug.org wrote [describing himself and his organization as..]
  >an independent, unbiased, professional
  >source of information and support. We don't hate anybody and are very
  >supportive of good technology regardless of its source.
  I again encourage Mr. Kelly and all members of this list to have a look at
  this page:
  It "grades" NT vs. Sun Solaris in ten categories and the final "grades" are
  NT: C
  Sun: A-
  The lowest grade that NT receives is an F in two categories.[availability
  -ie:"blue screen of death"/and scalability]
  The lowest grade that Sun receives is a C+ in one category
  [adaptability..limited hardware support]
  This is the Standish report mentioned in my earlier post. This is another
  organization which claims to be "independent, unbiased and professional",
  and actually did *research* - using Microsoft's own customers as members of
  the sample group involved.
  Microsoft called their report "ridiculous". The Standish group published a
  response, saying that Microsoft was attacking it's own customers opinions.
  that page  [Standish group responds to criticism by Microsoft ]is at:
  I think you will also find, upon reading this material, that it truly seeks
  for an objective evaluation of the systems involved  As a matter of fact,
  the report was undertaken because a number of managers complained that
  people in their offices had divided into warring "camps"..*both* being
  somewhat irrational supporters of their respective positions.
  It's hard for me to understand where Mr. Kelly is coming from..as it must
  be hard for him to understand where various other members of this list are
  coming from..
  Many people believe they have "objective" and "reasonable" reasons for
  attacking the business practices and what they perceive as inferior
  products of Microsoft. Others believe that the practices of Microsoft are
  within the law and "part of the game", and that the Microsoft products are
  as good if not better than competing products.
  Please..let's not portray our position as "reasonable" and the position of
  others as "hate-driven." In calling others,by implication,"irrational
  bigots",you are tarring yourself with your own brush.