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Re: Microsoft response to Nader Conference

  James Love wrote:
  > The following is an interesting letter the Association of Microsoft
  > Solution Providers (AMSP) is circulating about November 13, 14,
  > Appraising Microsoft confernce.   Jamie
  I am disgusted that this organization would assume that I as an MCP and
  MCSE (Microsoft Certified Professionl ,MS Certified System Engineer)
  would be on Microsofts side. I am not. Many of my colleagues are not who
  hold identical certifications. I have been a computer professional for 7
  years and followed the tide towards NT networks by choice. I then left
  the industry altogether and began law school here in California. Among
  the components of my decision to go back to school, the market power
  that is abused by Micosoft played a significant part.
  I am not MR freeware idealist, but I will fight to maintain a level
  playing field. I will follow the instructions encouraged by this
  organization (of which I am not a member I don't think) and use my voice
  and credentials to lambast the Gated computerworld.
  Ammon Dorny
  There is no better way of exercising the 
  imagination than the study of law. No poet
  ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer 
  interprets the truth. -- Jean Giraudoux