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Re: IT and UNIX

  Jordan Pollack wrote:
  > David Sarna and Jeff Ollie respond somewhat negatively to my post:
  > Jeff writes:  "DO MORE RESEARCH before posting such inaccuracies"
  > Wow! I havent heard that since before tenure! He apparently read only the
  > first half of my conjunctive question to OS competitors:
  >  "why didn't make your OS for pentium pro AND run windows apps?"
  1) Why would you want to?
  2) If you are successful and start to make inroads into Microsoft's
  market share how long would it take Microsoft before they did something
  that would make all of your work obsolete?
  Look at OS/2 - many people like OS/2 a lot but it probably has less
  market share than MacOS does!  And that's with a big, respected name
  like IBM behind it.  As long as Microsoft controls both the Windows API
  and the most popular applications there is very little point to creating
  a Windows emulator.
  The promise of the Internet is: if your system complies with these
  standards it doesn't matter what CPU or operating system you use. 
  That's what has Microsoft scared.