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Re: IT and UNIX

  David Sarna and Jeff Ollie respond somewhat negatively to my post:
  Jeff writes:  "DO MORE RESEARCH before posting such inaccuracies"
  Wow! I havent heard that since before tenure! He apparently read only the
  first half of my conjunctive question to OS competitors:
   "why didn't make your OS for pentium pro AND run windows apps?"
  And David writes : "Laughably ignorant"! 
  Ouch! My 23 years of experience right down the drain!
  David discussed how MS is under attack by nasty "ripoff artists" and
  are only protecting their investment by making upgrades when
  improvements arise. I guess history, gravestones, and a trillion
  dollars in swiss banks will decide who were the ripoff artists.
  The copyrighted code for windows is not in the public domain, nor have
  I suggested the copyrighted code, or the lithography of the pentium
  for that matter, be nationalized. The interface specifications for how
  to build applications programs which run under windows on pentium
  chips ARE BROADLY PUBLISHED in order to encourage others to create the
  appliances which give positive feedback to the interface based
  These specifications are what must be appropriated and held constant
  IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST in order to allow competitors to make a safe
  investment to broaden support for the nation's huge investment in
  software appliances.
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