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  Microsoft never put Windows into the public domain. It costs a hundred
  times more to create something than to clone it, so clone-makers trying
  to imitate Windows should not cry if the specs for what they are trying
  to rip off are changed on them. To say that purpose of the advances in
  the Window API was too make life difficult for the rip-off artists
  rather than to improve windows is laughably ignorant, but even if it
  were true, it is not reprehensible. 
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  > Professor Jordan B. Pollack writes:
  > >But the mystery is: Why didn't makers of other operating systems -
  > >OS/2 Solaris, MacOS, IRIX, Ultrix, Linux - evolve to the pentium and
  > >pentium pro box and provide the api to run windows apps within
  > >their own environment?
  > OS/2 did--and after that, Win32s 1.3 came out which introduced
  > incompatibillty.
  > One can often see claims that that was the main purpose of Win32s 1.3.
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