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RE: Incredible

  I think I understood your message quite clearly.  My response was to the
  individual who had already responded to you and said:
  In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, it is just considered
  bad taste to have
  to use "pre-printed opinions" that come with carefully detailed
  instructions.  However,
  since we know how Microsoft regards it's users, it comes as no surprise
  to me that Microsoft
  doesn't trust any of them to speak for themselves.
  This person was not aware that the action he was criticizing was already
  taken by the CPT.
  Our email that was posted by Mr. Love to the list was not intended for
  this list, although I don't mind it here.  Our email was from the AMSP
  to its members, and in that context, asking the member companies to
  participate is exactly what the AMSP was formed to do - take a
  leadership role within the AMSP community.
  I have enjoyed your posts and look to see more.  As far as the AMSP's
  email is concerned, we did not post it here, but rather an employee of
  the CPT did.  Obviously, the CPT saw some value in it being posted here,
  PR and all.
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  > Please read again my mail: I am *not* an US citizen and I was
  > asking for explanations, not willing to start a flame war.