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RE: Fair Trade and Anti-Monopoly

  On Sun, 2 Nov 1997 13:14:38 -0500 (EST), David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  >I believe that Microsoft has created more wealth in ten years than any
  >other company in history. And I am not referring to the more than 10,000
  >Microsoft Millionaires (employees of Microsoft) but rather to the tens
  >of thousands of small businesses like mine  who grew through nurturing
  >by Microsoft, and because Microsoft standards, once mastered, allow
  >little guys to create for the big guys. Microsoft standards are a great
  >leveler; the low cost of their products put them in reach of all. As
  >someone who favors giving the little guy a chance, you should be
  >applauding Microsoft for all it has accomplished.
       All I can say is you had better pray that M$ doesn't ever decide
  they want to compete with you, if so you had better find another niche
  because I assure you your company will be crushed.  This is how your
  beloved M$ operates, and for every company like yours that has done well
  there are several that have been squashed because they either developed
  better technology (something M$ won't tolerate) or M$ decided their
  market looked good enough to steal.  So whatever you do you had better be
  careful not get too big or too profitable, because if you do you just
  might find yourself in their sights...and if this ever happens you had
  better hope you didn't allow M$ to work too closely with your people, if
  so you're likely to see *YOUR* technology in the next version of windoze.
       I also believe you're mistaken in your assumption that the computer
  industry wouldn't have grown the way it has without M$ and that your
  company couldn't have done what it has without them.  On the contrary
  M$'s business tactics have done more to kill superior technology than
  promote it, and IMHO the industry's health would be in much better shape
  without a strong-armed thug like M$ spending more time and money on their
  PR machine and trying to kill competing technology than they do on
  developing their own.
       I'm glad your company is doing well, but are you telling us that it
  couldn't do as well without a company like M$ to hold your hand??  I'm
  sure M$ has been helpful but don't for a second think it's because they
  just want to 'do right by you'.  If M$ helps you it's because it's good
  for M$, and if they ever begin to believe it's no longer in their best
  interests to help you it will stop.  And you had better not cross them,
  because if you do you'll quickly learn that what we're talking about here
  is definitely the truth.
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