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  Unix, especially Solaris, scales better than NT.
  It takes less time to support 100 of them than 100 NTs, and when you get to 10000 of
  David Dunn wrote: 3) It takes more time to support a UNIX box than an NT box (my
  estimate is about 2x the amount of time and that's probably being
  generous to UNiX).  Granted, the UNIX box can handle more load so,
  theoretically, you need less of them.  But the reality of most
  of today's corporate compute environments is that systems become
  application centric with each system servicing one application
  (i.e. one database server for your accounting package, one for
  your human resource package, etc.) so whether your using UNIX
  or NT you end up with the same number of systems (just more excess
  bandwidth on the UNIX side).