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Re: US Sen Hatch on MS

  Just for completeness of information, I'd
  like to let you know that there is a web browser
  developed by 1 person in 6 months with full sources
  featuring proven secure applets in Objective Caml (not Java)
  which is an amazing achievement compared with the
  MS or NS products (http://pauillac.inria.fr/~rouaix/mmm/).
  I do not want to push you to use this, just to point out
  that technology (as very often the case in this industry)
  is not the issue, as we have the tools to build reliable
  efficient secure software, but not the marketing power to
  push them against big industries whose only concern is
  keeping their monopoly, not giving us quality products.
  The real issue here is whether it is possible to avoid the
  colonization of a should-be-open internet by proprietary
  standards that could slow or stop at will that diffusion
  of quality products which the reduction of distribution
  costs provided by the internet makes possible.