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Re: NT*Pro Personal Dispute

  I agree with you Matt! 
  I have not read what Mr. Landis may have said and I did not ever send a
  message to or about him. (I'm assuming from your message that he responded
  to my public "outing" by another list participant which I confirmed and
  My desire to patticipate on this list is based on wanting to hear factual
  information on both sides of issues and to be able to use that information
  to form an informed opinion. I do not have the time or energy to get into a
  shouting match with anyone--that is always counter-productive.
  If I've inconvenienced anyone, please accept my apology. If I'm still
  welcome, I'd like to continue to participate in the dialog.
  At 08:20 AM 11/5/97 -0500, Matthew Benjamin wrote:
  >Forgive me for saying this, but it is my judgment that the dispute that
  >has evolved between Charles Kelly and Tod Landis regarding the former's
  >biz credentials has ceased to be a discussion of topics on this list,
  >and become a personal dispute.
  >Both of you, please consider taking any further ad hominem attacks off
  >this list.
  >I do think some useful points did emerge from this discussion.  One is,
  >there is a need for well-documented historical accounts of the business
  >practices of Microsoft, its partners, and its competitors.  Another is,
  >reasonable people are going to disagree about the merits of competing
  >Since we can't make our disagreements go away, let's focus on the
  >constructive side of the debate:  on the facts of the account, on
  >providing more and better sources, and so forth.  
  >Let's NOT waste our energy on useless polemics, while so much useful
  >work remains to be done.
  >Matt Benjamin