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Re: NT*Pro

  Mark --  Will you be subjecting anyone else who makes a comment you don't
  agree with to similar scrutiny? And exposing them publically? Is this moral
  and fair? Or do you play by the same unfair tactics and rules that you
  accuse others of? (I suspect that others will ask many of these same
  questions...) Have you violated any sort of list serv etiquette? How does
  this make your morals look? Can your life and morals stand the same scrutiny?
  What drives me is what drives many other who are contributing to this list
  serv. We are working computer professionals who share a common zeal for
  computers and technology. Some of us are very enthusiastic about
  technology. Others are a bit more suspicious or even paranoid. A pretty
  common range within any group dynamic.
  I don't know about you, but I'm proud to be a real person with a real job.
  I don't have anything to be ashamed of. How about sharing your credentials
  with us?
  I'm surprised that you didn't have something disparaging to say about my 8+
  year NSF employment. Something like "...they only funded 6 Nobel Prize
  winners last year." Or the fact the the Internet wouldn't what it is today
  without our funding of major pieces of its infrastructure, without our
  funding of NCSA and Mosaic, or without our contracting with Network
  Solutions to provide the domain name infrastructure. Etc. Etc. BTW--we run
  Solaris and Netscape Secure Web Server at NSF in addition to NT for
  file/print/application servers. That will save you a bit of detective work.
  I think you will find that I'm a pretty well rounded person with knowledge
  across all the platforms. Thus my commentary probably should be acorded
  some weight. Thanks for asking...
  You were doing pretty good until your last two paragraphs. Once again you
  dropped the ball before scoring.  <G>  I wrote a monthly column for
  Government Computer News for most of those years reaching over 80,000
  government computer professionals. 
  I'm also on the program committee for Interex's HP World 98 Conference and
  did a lot of work with the programs for the last-ever UniForum show last
  year. And I'm a former Mac bigot... ..and I'm currently on the Editorial
  Review Board of Windows NT Magazine. And a bunch of other stuff too
  numerous to mention...
  Oh yeah, the NT*Pro is the world's largest  independent "user group"
  representing over 16,000 members. A throw-back to the early days of user
  groups when the techies ruled. Full name is Association of Windows NT
  Systems Professionals. Cover wide range of Server, interoperability  and
  C++ and Internet Development issues.
  Now given all that, I'm more than willing to stand behind my credentials
  and accomplishments when making accurate and incisive commentary.
  At 09:04 PM 11/4/97 -0500, Mark Hinds wrote:
  >OK, I had to know what drives a person such as Mr. Kelly.
  >So I did some online PI'ing
  >>From <http://www.ntpro.org/>
  >> NT*Pro has grown to over 16,222 members since being
  >> personally launched by Microsoft's Bill Gates on
  >> October 17, 1993. Over 1,005 new members have joined
  >> during October '97! 
  >The Microsoft Mouse club :-)
  >If you want to know "what's that server running"
  >see: http://www.netcraft.co.uk/cgi-bin/Survey/whats?host=www.ntpro.orgport=80
  >www.ntpro.org is running Microsoft-IIS/3.0. Microsoft-IIS
  >Mr Kelly's www.cpcug.org is running NCSA/1.5.2.
  >I guess they couldn't afford the MS server.
  >For a small smile see: http://www.cpcug.org/user/ckelly/
  >>From Alta Vista:
  >Charles Kelly's Page
  >Charles Kelly's Bio Page. Charles is a Computer Systems Analyst at the
  >National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA. The Directorate for
  Mathematical and..
  >http://cpcug.org/user/ckelly/charles.html - size 6K - 26-Sep-96 - English
  >(the link is broken)
  >A search of www.nsf.gov shows:
  >name: Kelly, Charles S.
  >email: ckelly
  >directorate: Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  >division: Materials Research
  >I found no articles authored by Mr Kelly, though I didn't try very hard
  >after seeing the Alta Vista entry. 
  >I think Mr. Kelly maybe exagerating about his interviews and articles.
  >It seems unlikely that he should be accorded anything but ordinary
  >standing in this debate.
  >Mark Hinds Linux*Shmo