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[FWD] from Evangelist :Tidbit - The Microsoft Way or No Way

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  >This tidbit is from:
  >Grant Bayley, <gbayley@geko.net.au>
  >With journalist friends who live it up like this, who needs enemies?
  >The Micro soft-shoe October 29, 1997
  >"Of course, all Silicon Valley companies indulge in "spinning" the truth
  >to suit their needs, but nobody does it like Microsoft. The company is so
  >cocksure of its ability to dictate the terms of the discussion that it is
  >fighting battles on two contradictory fronts at once. While the Redmond,
  >Washington, company is arguing in one court that it, and it alone, may
  >decide what components make up its Windows operating system, it's arguing
  >in another court that Sun has no right to do exactly the same thing with
  >Java. Heads you're wrong, tails Microsoft is right.
  >"Still, I can't wait to see how Microsoft's twisted argument that
  >Internet Explorer is actually a part of Windows cleverly disguised as a
  >separate application plays in court. This is one situation the company is
  >going to find difficult to semantically soft-shoe its way out of. Since
  >Microsoft and the Justice Department simply disagree on exactly what the
  >wording of the agreement means, the judge is going to have to rule based
  >on the spirit of the law."
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