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Re: NT*Pro

  Incisive, maybe.  Accurate, I don't think so.  Sorry, Charles, you
  must feel like the Maryland cops who hassled a Washington
  DC attorney.  Seriously exposed.
  More at:  http://www.ndsn.org/FEB95/MARYLAND.html.
  Tod Landis.
  Charles Kelly, NT*Pro wrote:
  > Mark --  Will you be subjecting anyone else who makes a comment you don't
  > agree with to similar scrutiny? And exposing them publically? Is this moral
  > and fair? Or do you play by the same unfair tactics and rules that you
  > accuse others of? (I suspect that others will ask many of these same
  > questions...) Have you violated any sort of list serv etiquette? How does
  > this make your morals look? Can your life and morals stand the same scrutiny?
  > What drives me is what drives many other who are contributing to this list
  > serv. We are working computer professionals who share a common zeal for
  > computers and technology. Some of us are very enthusiastic about
  > technology. Others are a bit more suspicious or even paranoid. A pretty
  > common range within any group dynamic.
  > I don't know about you, but I'm proud to be a real person with a real job.
  > I don't have anything to be ashamed of. How about sharing your credentials
  > with us?
  > I'm surprised that you didn't have something disparaging to say about my 8+
  > year NSF employment. Something like "...they only funded 6 Nobel Prize
  > winners last year." Or the fact the the Internet wouldn't what it is today
  > without our funding of major pieces of its infrastructure, without our
  > funding of NCSA and Mosaic, or without our contracting with Network
  > Solutions to provide the domain name infrastructure. Etc. Etc. BTW--we run
  > Solaris and Netscape Secure Web Server at NSF in addition to NT for
  > file/print/application servers. That will save you a bit of detective work.
  > I think you will find that I'm a pretty well rounded person with knowledge
  > across all the platforms. Thus my commentary probably should be acorded
  > some weight. Thanks for asking...
  > You were doing pretty good until your last two paragraphs. Once again you
  > dropped the ball before scoring.  <G>  I wrote a monthly column for
  > Government Computer News for most of those years reaching over 80,000
  > government computer professionals.
  > I'm also on the program committee for Interex's HP World 98 Conference and
  > did a lot of work with the programs for the last-ever UniForum show last
  > year. And I'm a former Mac bigot... ..and I'm currently on the Editorial
  > Review Board of Windows NT Magazine. And a bunch of other stuff too
  > numerous to mention...
  > Oh yeah, the NT*Pro is the world's largest  independent "user group"
  > representing over 16,000 members. A throw-back to the early days of user
  > groups when the techies ruled. Full name is Association of Windows NT
  > Systems Professionals. Cover wide range of Server, interoperability  and
  > C++ and Internet Development issues.
  > Now given all that, I'm more than willing to stand behind my credentials
  > and accomplishments when making accurate and incisive commentary.
  > Charles
  > At 09:04 PM 11/4/97 -0500, Mark Hinds wrote:
  > >
  > >OK, I had to know what drives a person such as Mr. Kelly.
  > >So I did some online PI'ing
  > >
  > >>From <http://www.ntpro.org/>
  > >> NT*Pro has grown to over 16,222 members since being
  > >> personally launched by Microsoft's Bill Gates on
  > >> October 17, 1993. Over 1,005 new members have joined
  > >> during October '97!
  > >The Microsoft Mouse club :-)
  > >
  > >If you want to know "what's that server running"
  > >see: http://www.netcraft.co.uk/cgi-bin/Survey/whats?host=www.ntpro.orgport=80
  > >
  > >www.ntpro.org is running Microsoft-IIS/3.0. Microsoft-IIS
  > >
  > >Mr Kelly's www.cpcug.org is running NCSA/1.5.2.
  > >I guess they couldn't afford the MS server.
  > >
  > >For a small smile see: http://www.cpcug.org/user/ckelly/
  > >
  > >>From Alta Vista:
  > >Charles Kelly's Page
  > >Charles Kelly's Bio Page. Charles is a Computer Systems Analyst at the
  > >National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA. The Directorate for
  > Mathematical and..
  > >http://cpcug.org/user/ckelly/charles.html - size 6K - 26-Sep-96 - English
  > >(the link is broken)
  > >
  > >A search of www.nsf.gov shows:
  > >name: Kelly, Charles S.
  > >email: ckelly
  > >directorate: Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  > >division: Materials Research
  > >
  > >I found no articles authored by Mr Kelly, though I didn't try very hard
  > >after seeing the Alta Vista entry.
  > >
  > >I think Mr. Kelly maybe exagerating about his interviews and articles.
  > >It seems unlikely that he should be accorded anything but ordinary
  > >standing in this debate.
  > >
  > >Mark Hinds Linux*Shmo
  > >www.blarg.com/~zoro
  > .-