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Re: Netscape/Linux

  Netscape don't do a CD with Netscape on but they have partnered with
  Caldera who produce Caldera Open Linux (http://www.caldera.com/) and
  Netscape is available on their CD's (except the free 'Lite' version).
  Currently I think it is only Netscape 3 available this way. It seems
  Netscape don't want to tread on Calderas feet by offering a
  Netscape/Linux CD although it would be a good idea as they could sell
  one with each major distribution.(eg Netscape/Slackware,
  Netscape/RedHat, Netscape/Debian etc)
   Mark Hinds wrote:
  > I'm a old unix hacker and now use Linux. I really appreciate
  > companies that make their apps available for Linux Platforms.
  > Netscape has long provided a Linux version. So why not go the
  > whole distance? Make a Linux + Netscape CD and charge say $50
  > for it? Netscape has the the visibility to do this and and
  > be noticed. I'd like to hear from Robert Waugh <rmw@netscape.com>
  > about this. This is not meant as a complaint, it just seems
  > like a good idea and I don't understand why Netscape doesn't do
  > it.
  > Mark Hinds
  > Senior Software Engineer
  > zoro@fluke.com
  David Hallowell
  Linux @ Cable Internet