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Re: Thought experiment continued

  On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Beech Family wrote:
  >Are we ready to give up access to the internet because Microsoft controls
  >*all* points of access?
  >Better be ready for that, because it's coming soon.
  Or, to turn it round the other way:
  	is there anyone here who would continue to support MS if they came to
  completely dominate the ``Internet'' (in scare quotes because if any
  commercial entity came to domainate the network we presently call the
  Internet, it would bydefinition cease to be the Internet, which, thank God, is
  built around openness and freedom) in the way they would obviously like to do?
  Rremember: Bill or MS (I don't know which, but does it matter?) owns or is
  heavily into the satellite access strategy; see the current Byte magazine for
  This is one reason why I don't care much about the legal issues for if the DoJ
  can't make a legal case today, then I'll still oppose MS because if someone
  doesn't oppose them now, they are so acquisitive and so power-hungry that a
  day will come when everyone wants to oppose them, but it will be too late:
  they will own everything already.
  Am I just crazy in thinking that that is what they want? Do any of you really
  think their are any businesses at all related to computing technology (save
  for hardware, which they haven't show a great interest in directly controlling
  so far) that they don't want to own, dominate, have a piece of? 
  I mean if they are building so-called comprehensive online sites for buying
  cars and real estate, that seems a clear indication of their intentions to
  dominate everything.
  How much clearer could they make it?
  	Kendall Clark
  Linux is free. Life is good.