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Thought experiment continued

  Microsoft is moving to subsume and acquire all points of access to the internet.
  Here in Honolulu they have created something called "Road Runner", which
  is, in effect,a cable access system being marketed by Oceanic
  Cablevision,our leading local TV cable provider. The fact that Microsoft is
  a partner in this "joint venture" is generally not mentioned. Even if it
  were, most people would not care, they simply want the fast internet
  Robert Waugh wrote earlier:
  >Microsoft's [snip]...aggressively
  >trying destroy all facets of competition on the Internet.  It doesn't even
  >*begin* at the browser market, it's just the most advanced at this point.
  [snip]...., their
  >range of services being developed and researched are so vast that soon, they
  >will have a case for being one of the only information providers on the
  >Internet.  Then, once the digital television satellite network is deployed
  >using the hundreds of USSR ICBM's they purchased a year ago and their vast
  >amounts of money, they will be able to establish themselves as the premier
  >cable/Internet access providers,[snip]
  That Mr.Waugh is correct, I, for one, have no doubt.
  So... let's extend that to the question raised in Mr.Clark's thought
  Are we ready to give up access to the internet because Microsoft controls
  *all* points of access?
  Better be ready for that, because it's coming soon.
  P.S...if I'm wrong, let me in on the underground when it forms!