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  David Hallowell
  Linux @ Cable Internet

  -I just got this idea:
  -What if IBM decided to do the same for OS'es as what M$ 
  -has done to web-browsers?
  -Just give away OS/2 Warp for free! Make it easily
  -downloadable and installable from the Internet. Just
  -like M$ has done with IE, and promote it *vigorously*.
  -I think this would enable IBM to get a significant 
  -OS-share on the PCs shipped. It would lower computer
  -prices, and create demand for other OS/2 software.
  -In effect, this would corrupt the absolute power M$
  -now has.
  -Anyone know how much IBM is making by selling its OS/2?
  -I bet it's not very much. I think they would gain much
  -more in other areas if they gave it away for free and
  -promoted it. Or they could make it free only for certain
  -uses, and still keep selling the server versions and such.
  -Any merit in this idea? 
  -++ J
  Then IBM would be as anti-competitive as MS.
  "The box said Windows95 or better, so I used a Mac!"
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