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Re: Lexis-Nexis is not a med-privacy issue

  In a message dated 96-09-19 22:29:30 EDT, Dick Mills writes:
  <<  The Lexis-Nexis database is a great privacy issue
   but not a medical-privacy issue.
  I am sorry. I didn't realize this was Dick's mail-list. My apologies.
  According to the info I have on HR 3103, per Jim McDermott of WA, the
  database will conceivably work off of SS#'s, potentially the *key element* of
  the mandated national network. Nexis's own representative who I could have
  sworn I heard on the radio spot last week admitted SSN's were a key element
  in Nexis. That, ostensibly, could tie the two together.
  Could I get a second opinion from Bob Gellman?