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Lexis-Nexis is not a med-privacy issue

  Enough please.  The Lexis-Nexis database is a great privacy issue
  but not a medical-privacy issue.
  You should be addressing your posts to any one of three good
  places listed below.  They are the proper forums, not med-privacy.
     alt.privacy          (Usenet news group)
     comp.society.privacy (Usenet news group and mail list)
     The privacy digest   (mail list)
  If you need help getting to any of these, e-mail me privately
  and I'll be glad to help you.  
  By the way, if I remember right, the P-Trax issue was thoroughly
  discussed in all three of these forums last June.  If you follow
  them regularly, you'll be informed of such issues much earlier.
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  No man does; that is his." - Wilde