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Re: What is and is NOT the medical record?

  In a message dated 96-08-27 16:03:49 EDT, you write:
  << Are tissue samples, x-rays, fetal monitor strips, ultrasound videotapes
   the like which are external to the "medical record proper," but which
   information about the patient and the patient's treatment, part of the
   "medical record"? >>
  Med Pri:
  I have an even greater debate here. Does PERSONAL data, such as sexual
  history, personal 'dirty laundry', family problems, marital woes, and other
  information bear the same "medical weight' as MRI's, CT-Scans, and x-rays?
  MRI's and X rays are objective findings. They are fact. Discussions and
  interpretations of personal matters is another deal altogether. When I read
  MY medical files last year, you would have thought you were reading about
  someone other than me. There was NO mention made of my academic achievments,
  my top notch performance records at every job ever held, the fact that I made
  officer in 2 years (it normally takes 4) at a U.S. Army military academy
  (where I ranked in the top 2% of the academic AND military science
  curriculums). There was no mention made of my 3 months time donated (without
  pay) to the Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the United Way, and
  other activities.
  It was all slanted the other way.