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2/16 Seminar: Computerized Medical Records (fwd)

  This seminar will feature talks by Alan Westin and Marc Rotenberg.  Alan 
  is a professor at Columbia, and according to Jack Rogers, CEO of Equifax, 
  a consultant to Equifax since 1988.  jamie
                   "Third Fridays" Seminar - February 16, 1996
           "Technology and Health Care: Visions for the 21st Century"
          Institute for Computer & Telecommunications Systems Policy 
                 Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine
                Institute for Medical Imaging and Image Analysis
                             Supported in part by 
    The George Washington University in celebration of the 175th Anniversary.  
        Other support provided by Picker International and Elscint, Inc.
                          FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
                     Refreshments served after the lecture.
                           Friday, February 16, 1996
                                    3-5 p.m.
                            Room 410-415 Marvin Center
                         21st & H St. NW, Washington, DC
                          Speaker: Dr. Alan F. Westin
                     Professor of Public Law and Government
                          Discussant: Marc Rotenberg
                 Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center
    The computerized patient record and the large-scale trend analysis of 
    health care system operations have long been sought after developments 
    in the United States, and important waves of experimentation on both 
    fronts took place in the 1970s, 1980s, and early '90s.  Spurred by major 
    problems and reforms in the American health care system and by the arrival 
    of enhanced information technology capabilities, the era of computerized 
    medical record and health information processing has now begun.
    Should we see this as a promising advance or an ominous step?  Can we 
    have both a transaction-based, multi-access medical information system 
    and protection of individual privacy rights?  What are the dangers that 
    we should be aware of and address at the front end?  What organizational 
    and legal steps need to be taken to foster the right policies, and by  
    whom?  Is the prospect for having both informational medicine and 
    meaningful privacy a bright or stormy one in the current social and 
    political environment?
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