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Re: NE Tarrifs

  Seth Crews wrote:
  > I have a question that I am hoping can be answered here.  I live in Lincoln
  > Nebraska and I'd like to find out what the tarrifs are in this state...  I
  > am rather disapointed in the fact that less than 60 miles away (in omaha) there
  > is ISDN available at about $50 per month  (not sure of the details) but it's
  > through US West.  Meanwhile here in Lincoln the phone company has not made
  > ISDN available to the general public.  Sure, they have leased lines starting
  > at 56k thru a T1 but this is only for business accounts and NOTHING but direct
  > dialup is available to the private sector.  I want to find out what the laws are
  > here and if there is a way to push for this technology.  Any Suggestions?
  Seth- I called Aliant a couple weeks ago and they are planning on
  offering ISDN in January for business customers and a couple months (2
  to 3?) to residential customers.  They refused to comment on pricing or
  any other details, however.
  Justin Hannah (sparc@inetnebr.com)
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