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NE Tarrifs

  I have a question that I am hoping can be answered here.  I live in Lincoln
  Nebraska and I'd like to find out what the tarrifs are in this state...  I 
  am rather disapointed in the fact that less than 60 miles away (in omaha) there
  is ISDN available at about $50 per month  (not sure of the details) but it's
  through US West.  Meanwhile here in Lincoln the phone company has not made
  ISDN available to the general public.  Sure, they have leased lines starting
  at 56k thru a T1 but this is only for business accounts and NOTHING but direct
  dialup is available to the private sector.  I want to find out what the laws are
  here and if there is a way to push for this technology.  Any Suggestions?
  -Seth Crews-
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