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Re: MD ISDN rate hearings?

  On Tue, 26 Nov 1996 ravi@avl.umd.edu wrote:
  > I noticed that they are on the PSC calendar for this Monday-Wednesday.
  > Can we expect some resolution of the isdn rate issues in the near
  > future (days)?
  > Ravi Kulkarni
  	I represent the Consumer Project on Technology, and Maryland
  Consumers, in the MD ISDN rate case that was held this Mon.-Tues.  Now
  that the hearing is over, all parties must file briefs by Dec. 23 with
  reply briefs due Jan 13.  When a decision will be rendered is uncertain 
  but I would expect it sometime in late Jan. or February b/c the PSC has 
  put this on an expedited schedule.  
  	One of the most important upcoming matters will be the evening
  public meetings that will be held to take public sentiment into account
  and the Hearing Examiner (who is conducting the hearing) will be present
  to get public input.  This will be an excellent opportunity for people
  to express their dissatisfaction with the rates Bell Atlantic wants to
  charge for ISDN.  Two meetings will be held--one in Baltimore and one in
  the DC burbs, probably Bethesda.  When and where will be negotiated by the
  parties and I will let interested persons know what is decided. 
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