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Re: BA call-pack and the dail tone charge

  Not sure what you mean by "dial tone" but I have one of the call pack
  options I-150/300 which includes both data and voice calls and yes I get
  dial tone on the voice calls if that's what you mean.  I have not been
  billed correctly yet still getting usage charges.  Funny thing though the
  can itemize your voice call but not the data call which  I find very
  interesting.  Anybody know the reason for this since there is really no way
  to verify the data usage unless you keep track of the time on each call.
  Renard (Marty) Martin
  mailto: rmartin@mnsinc.com
  Herndon, VA USA
  > From: James Love <love@tap.org>
  > To: Multiple recipients of list <isdn@essential.org>
  > Subject: BA call-pack and the dail tone charge
  > Date: Thursday, November 07, 1996 3:49 PM
  > A BA rep says that dial tone is included in the residential Call-Pack 
  > options... but the tariff itself is confusing on that score.  Does anyone
  > have anyone of the call-pack options, and if so, how does it work?
  > jamie
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