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ISDN "data over voice" and USR

  David Lesher wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:
   DL> From: "David Lesher / hated by RBOC's in 5 states"
   DL> <wb8foz@wauug.erols.com>
   DL> To:   Multiple recipients of list <isdn@essential.org>
   DL> Mike Bilow sez:
  > I had an interesting discussion with USR technical support 
  > about their Courier I-Modem, which is their top-of-the-line 
  > ISDN product.  They state that there is no way to make the 
  > modem do "data over voice," neither in originate nor answer 
  > modes, that no one has ever requested such a capability, that 
  > they had never heard of it before I asked, and that they were 
  > unaware their competitors offer such a feature.
   DL> They lie.
  I had pretty much assumed as much.
   DL> I had discussions with an Insider last spring.
  I didn't accept the answer I received from tech support, and I posted it here
  hoping someone had better information.  I have a call in to the company and I
  plan to pursue this until I get a straight answer.
   DL> [s]he told me it was coming out in the next release. Insider
   DL> also denied that their deal with Bell Awful was why they'd
   DL> not had it before.......
   DL> So they at least knew, and PLANNED to offer same.
  I hope the release is imminent, then.
  -- Mike
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