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Re: ISDN "data over voice" and USR

  At 07:48 PM 11/7/96 -0500, Mike Bilow wrote:
  >I had an interesting discussion with USR technical support about their Courier
  >I-Modem, which is their top-of-the-line ISDN product.  They state that there is
  >no way to make the modem do "data over voice," neither in originate nor answer
  >modes, that no one has ever requested such a capability, that they had never
  >heard of it before I asked, and that they were unaware their competitors offer
  >such a feature.
  So which RBOC do they have a distribution deal with?
  I knew the principals at ISDN Systems Corp., which was bought by USR and 
  whose SecureLink II is now the Sportster 128.  They didn't have DOV on it.
  And they knew it was about two lines of code away.  But the code was missing
  because they started the company with some help from, uh, a certain
  Philadelphia-based RBOC.  The original pre-PPP mating "hub" that the
  first ISC card dialed into was, I think, largely designed by said RBOC,
  who was also the key distributor (Centrex market, of course).
  USR doesn't need you-know-who.  Besides, their "X2" will break if you-know-
  who actually turns on their "break DOV" wet dream feature.  They need a 
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