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Re: BA call-pack and the dail tone charge

  On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, Renard Martin wrote:
  > Not sure what you mean by "dial tone" but I have one of the call pack
  > options I-150/300 which includes both data and voice calls and yes I get
  > dial tone on the voice calls if that's what you mean.  I have not been
  > billed correctly yet still getting usage charges.  Funny thing though the
  > can itemize your voice call but not the data call which  I find very
  > interesting.  Anybody know the reason for this since there is really no way
  > to verify the data usage unless you keep track of the time on each call.
   I imagine the answer is very simple--They don't have to. BA doesn't
  not want to make any extra effort above that required by the regulators.