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Re: "ISDN Tariff Trick" -Reply

  SILKMALON@aol.com wrote:
  > it is one thing for mr. goldstein to have a disagreement concenring technical
  > matter, contracts, and regulatory policy. it is entirely something else for
  > anyone to use this forum to engage in personal attacks, libel, and
  > harrassment.
  > if someone has a differing view to what i just wrote, i'd be interested in
  > discussing it.
  Dear Mr. SILKMALON@aol.com,
  You'll pardon my butting-in, but you seem sort of ballistic.
  You know, for a guy(?) who hasn't identified himself (not even a Member
  Profile on AOL), you're very critical of a respected member of this
  list and his forthright views.
  By the way, is your shift key busted, or do you idolize e.e. cummings?