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Re: "ISDN Tariff Trick" -Reply

  it is one thing for mr. goldstein to have a disagreement concenring technical
  matter, contracts, and regulatory policy. it is entirely something else for
  anyone to use this forum to engage in personal attacks, libel, and
  to allay mr. goldstein's worst fears, i am not an rboc nor do i represent the
  interests of such an organization. my original point, which seemd to go right
  by mr. goldstein, is that companies like bbn need to be careful about
  representations in about how they form contracts with service providers. i
  never envisioned that fairly obvious comment would trigtger the response i
  received from mr. goldstein.
  mr. goldstein believes his isdn "trick" is within the confines of tariff and
  contract considerations. if so, then my question was answered. we can all
  move on. as he correctly noted, it's no secret -- never has been.
  but, the obvious was not my point, although that subtlety seemed lost on mr.
  goldstein. no matter.
  however, the fact that i raised this question does not give bbn, its agent --
  mr. goldstein, or anybody else for that matter license to harrass or libel.
  certainly, free speech in this society has long been limited by libel and
  slander standards -- in fact, such restrictions are essential to free speech.
  mr. goldstein has the right to his opinions, and his responsible for his own
  actions. in feely slapping bbn's name to his comments, he draws in his
  employer. i'm not sure his employer is aware or would agree. for this reason,
  i have forwarded mr. goldstein's remarks to his corporate counsel, and asked
  whether mr. goldstein's "style" and position is the bbn's. as president of my
  technology firm, mr. goldstein has gone some distance to convince me none of
  my company's offices ever nationwide will ever do business with bbn when
  there are other options.
  i have also instructed mr. golstein on several occasions to stop sending
  e-mail to me. he refuses, and now seems to be extending his personal agenda.
  if mr. goldstein is incapable of acting in the professional manner one would
  expect from bbn in a forum such as this, then i recommend certain guidelines
  be established for this forum.
  there are ways to debate and discuss issues freely without dragging down the
  quality of the exchange done to the high school level.
  if someone has a differing view to what i just wrote, i'd be interested in
  discussing it.