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Re: "ISDN Tariff Trick" -Reply

  On Fri, 1 Nov 1996 SILKMALON@aol.com wrote:
  > if mr. goldstein is incapable of acting in the professional manner one would
  > expect from bbn in a forum such as this, then i recommend certain guidelines
  > be established for this forum.
      As the listowner, I would like to make a few suggestions.  First, it 
  is often considered appropriate for persons who post to the list to 
  identify themselves, and often this includes some information about their 
  employer, so that the reader will be additional context in evaluation the 
  statements that people make.
      Second, I haven't read all the messages on this thread yet, and I 
  have apparently missed some of the exchanges between fred and 
  silkmon@aol.com.  But I would urge silkmon to hold off on sending 
  messages to Fred's employers, to see if it is possible to work things 
  would more amicably.
      I would agree with Silkmon (might be a good idea to identify yourself
  for the group) that the RBOCs may take a dim view of efforts to make data
  calls under the voice tariffs, and that there may indeed be consequences
  from discussing such matters on this list.  I also know this is sometimes
  done, in the Bell Atlantic and Nynex states, largely because of the very
  high (and somewhat unrealistic) charges on data calls. 
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