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Re: Bell South is preparing for tariff change

  On Thu, 22 Aug 1996, Dean Brooks wrote:
  >    Our company, located in Louisville, KY, has discovered through
  > the Public Service Commission in Kentucky that Bell South will
  > be filing for a change to metered-only BRI ISDN service in the
  > state of Kentucky, tentatively beginning October 1st (pending
  > approval, of course).
  >    The Tariff change will tentatively make BRI ISDN pricing
  > at a free 100 hours (per channel), with a charge of $.01/minute
  > thereafter.
  	I am unsure of the exact details but I have heard that the tariff 
  asks for measured usage after 125 hours for residential and 200 hours for 
  business (per channel).  
  >    My question:  Is there any historical success in filing petition
  > against Bell?  If so, does CPT provide any assistance in preparing
  > petition against Bell and/or through our local PSC?
  	We have been pretty successful in getting commissions to take a 
  hard look at ISDN rate hikes so I would encourage you to oppose the 
  tariff.  We would submit comments in the proceeding and provide you with 
  information from our work in other venues.  One of the most effective 
  ways to fight the tariff is to get grass-roots support--providing local 
  customers with the information needed to oppose the rate hike.  We have a 
  Bell Atlantic Action page and perhaps a Bell South page as a 
  clearinghouse of info, dates, contacts, etc would be helpful.  We may be 
  able to do this ourselves but some assistance would be appreciated. 
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