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Re: Bell South is preparing for tariff change

  At 10:54 PM 8/22/96 -0400, Dean Brooks wrote:
  >   The Tariff change will tentatively make BRI ISDN pricing
  >at a free 100 hours (per channel), with a charge of $.01/minute
  That "rumor" is the first concrete detail about the alleged Bell South
  filing.  It's probable, since it fits the pattern.
  One of the mailing lists I'm on (a private one) forwarded a news item
  from "Individual" stating that Bell South has filed $6/month rate
  *reductions* on business and residential BRI in all of its states except,
  of course, Tennessee, whose rates remain the lowest by far.  There was
  no mention of a usage cap.  However, I don't expect them to lower the
  monthly rate in exchange for nothing.
  200 hours/month/BRI is a reasonable "allowance" so I think it meets my 
  technical requirement for being classified as a "threshold" rate, rather 
  than as a "measured" rate.  And 1 cent/minute is a whole lot lower than the
  measured or threshold rates in many other states, except for off-peak 
  hours.  So in practice, a 200-hour cap with a $6/month reduction will be
  a win for maybe 95% of users (I wish I had the actual curve), but a lose
  for the really heavy users (who are, of course, less profitable).
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