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Bell South is preparing for tariff change

     I am a new subscriber to this mailing list, and hope that I
  have found the appropriate forum for this matter.
     Our company, located in Louisville, KY, has discovered through
  the Public Service Commission in Kentucky that Bell South will
  be filing for a change to metered-only BRI ISDN service in the
  state of Kentucky, tentatively beginning October 1st (pending
  approval, of course).
     I have spent quite a bit of time scouring the CPT's pages,
  and I believe our organization will be filing a petition against
  this change, especially with respect to the affect it could
  have against the entire south-eastern end of the country.
     The Tariff change will tentatively make BRI ISDN pricing
  at a free 100 hours (per channel), with a charge of $.01/minute
     My question:  Is there any historical success in filing petition
  against Bell?  If so, does CPT provide any assistance in preparing
  petition against Bell and/or through our local PSC?
     Any advice is definitely welcome, as this could have a dramatically
  bad effect on the technological growth in a state that already needs
  help in improvement.
  					Regards, Dean
  Dean A. Brooks				Email: dean@iglou.com
  Senior Network Engineer			Voice: (502) 966-3848
  IgLou Internet Services			  Fax: (502) 968-0449