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Re: Smoking gun in CA

  >    Assuming... you don't want to use the line for anything else,
  >                that you like leaving your computer running all the time
  >                that you never sleep, eat or go out...
  There are many people who do this and would definately do it if they had
  flat rate service.
  Please remember. We are the original provider of ISDN access to the Internet in
  the US. We started in 1993. We have one of the largest ISDN dialup networks in
  the country in the area (Silicon Valley) where people tend to be the leading
  edge indicators for technology trends.
  I see who nails stuff up on our network. We have many customers who do that
  With the current ISDN residential tarrif,  its still cost competitive to use
  nailed up ISDN compared to 128kbps Frame Relay services if you want to minimize
  startup equipment costs (the monthly costs are almost equal). So we do have
  people doing that now and lots of people asking to do it (we really try to move
  those people to Frame Relay or to put their Web Servers at our WebFarm[TM]
  collocation sites).
  It is true that nailed up lines are happening more for modems than for ISDN
  right now and I bet that the phone companies will eventually want to limit
  that. but its also true that there are MUCH fewer 64k clear channel trunk links
  voice grade trunks in the phone networks. We regularly see messages from the
  phone network saying that there  are no requested services (for 64k clear
  Again, the "destruction of the common" shows what happens when a shared and
  limited resource is made available at no cost. I may not have the phrase
  completely correct, its from a book of a similar title that studied how the
  British commons where farmers brought their cattle to craze was destroyed when
  a minority of farmers took advantage of the no cost access to the commons to
  overgraze their cattle at the expense of the people who used it fairly. has
  happened everytime a limited. The book goes on to show how this effect has
  happened to other shared no cost resources.
  Low flat rates would do the same to the limited resources of the switched
  phone system.
  Again, there are other technologies available now or in the near (2 - 5 years)
  that will allow low cost "dedicated" links (Digital Subscriber Loop (ADSL,
  SDSL, HDSL), Cable Modems, new wireless techniques and so on. And as mentioned
  ISDN technology can be tweaked to improve utilization of the shared switchinig
  network. There are pricing models that support this much better than ether
  extreme of Flat Rate or overpriced pure usage rates.
  Instead of creating and maintaining a confrontatory, us vs them situation that
  the traditional PUC mechanisms reinforce, we should be striving to create win /
  win situations. The confrontatory politics is obsolete. Corporate monopolistic
  steamrolling is obsolete. We need to now create new models of cooperation,
  coopitition. The Internet has been a great example where competitors, provider
  and end users have successfully gotten together based on concensus standards.
  It creates a situation where the entire pie grows bigger and technology and
  services can grow at astoundiing rates...
               Robert J. Berger - CTO / VP of Engineering
  InterNex Information Services, Inc. 2302 Walsh Rd. Santa Clara, CA 95051
                 Voice: 408-327-2290 Fax: 408-496-5484