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Re: Smoking gun in CA

  On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Robert Berger wrote:
  > with the "destruction of the commons" effect. The path of least resisstance for
  > Internet access is to be connected all the time.
     Assuming... you don't want to use the line for anything else,
                 that you like leaving your computer running all the time
                 that you never sleep, eat or go out...
  > If there is no disincentive to
  > not nail up the line, then a large portion of the population will nail up the
  > line.
               In California the residential tariff is unmetered evenings 
  and weekends and this hasn't happened.  It hasn't happened in Tennesse.  
  And I don't do it with my flat rate telephone line in Virginia either.  
  Basically, there isn't any evidence that this has happened in any flat 
  rate states..    Some people nail up modem lines... but this is a tiny 
  fraction of users.  The number of nailed up modem lines is probably far 
  greater now than the number of nailed up ISDN lines.  If 1 of 20 people 
  do this, its not that big of a deal.. If 1 of 50 people do, who cares?
  > Someone pointed out in a private email, that its highly unlikely to expect
  > the phone companies to be in the lead to push the technical solutions. Instead
  > we should promote this concept to the equipment manufactures. The best forum
  > for this is the BACP:
  > ISDN kingpins push for standard protocol
  > By Tim Greene
      Thanks very  much for this article... I haven't seen it before. 
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