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Re: Smoking gun in CA

  On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, James Love wrote:
  > On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Robert Berger wrote:
  > > with the "destruction of the commons" effect. The path of least resisstance for
  > > Internet access is to be connected all the time.
  >    Assuming... you don't want to use the line for anything else,
  >                that you like leaving your computer running all the time
  >                that you never sleep, eat or go out...
  >    Some people nail up modem lines... but this is a tiny 
  > fraction of users.  The number of nailed up modem lines is probably far 
  > greater now than the number of nailed up ISDN lines.  If 1 of 20 people 
  > do this, its not that big of a deal.. If 1 of 50 people do, who cares?
  I Guess that from the phone copanies view, that have to protect other 
  interests..   If I want ot set up a small buisness that is offering 
  services on the web, I can get my provider to sell me dedicated ISDN.  It 
  is simple for them... they just see it as part of a T1 feed to bell canada.
  If I turn my 486 into a web httpd server, I will nail up my connection 
  full time. Presto, not only am I tying up part of the t1 that runs from 
  my CO to my ISP's (I am in the kanata exchange, they are in the merivale 
  exchange) but I am not calling them for a business soultion.  I may not 
  even run out and change my home line to a business line for 32 bucks a 
  month, from 12 bucks for a private line.
  Thye would rather sell me a dedicated line at several hundreds of 
  dollars, and connect me to their subsiduary, rather than the independednt 
  ISP that I use.  (ISDN is limited avaliblity here at 2* the busness line 
  rate ~64 dollar a month) (but that gives you a plain listing in the 
  yellow pages)
  For sure they are so regulated, taht they can no longer look at anything 
  without wanting to figure out a way to meter it..  That is why the media 
  is always down on the internet..it goes against the phone companies 
  models.  (but then I tend to have a sneeky idea that chonsky may be on to 
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