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Massachusetts ISDN users

  Fred R. Goldstein wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:
  >I hope Bell Atlantic will fix Nynex, because I have just about had it. 
   FRG> You've got to be kidding.  NYNEX ISDN is directed by Mack
   FRG> Sennett; it's a remake of the Keystone Kops.  They would be
   FRG> funny if it weren't so sad. BA ISDN is directed by Lini
   FRG> Riefenstahl (sp.?), und you VILL like it,  schwein!  They
   FRG> take pride (see the Monday Boston Glob) in being the
   FRG> "baddest" Bell.  It sounds like their labor relations come
   FRG> right out of J.P. Stevens.  I anticipate some personal
   FRG> visits to the DPU to fight them.  They intend to blow away
   FRG> NYNEX' flat-rate voice bearer ISDN options.  You want high
   FRG> volume, you go Centrex.  Come to think of it, with BA, the
   FRG> answer to *every* question is Centrex.  Und you VILL like
   FRG> it, ratepayer schwein. 
  I was rather appalled to hear on NPR's "All Things Considered" program of
  Tuesday, April 23, that Bell Atlantic was being held out as an example of how
  to do ISDN right and cut costs to consumers.  (The segment was broadcast on
  Boston's WGBH at about 5:40 pm.)  BA claimed that their surveys had shown that
  measured service was considered highly desirable by residential customers
  because it would provide an excuse for limiting the use of data lines by the
  children, or some such thing, and that the average customer has no interest in
  using more than 20 hours per month.  The only good part of the whole segment
  was our own Jamie Love with a great sound byte: "I just don't believe them."
  >From Rhode Island, I find the prospective Nynex-Bell Atlantic merger to be
  really terrifying.  It seems the only way things could get worse.
  -- Mike
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