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US West withdraw's ISDN rate hike in Washington State

  According to Gary Prince <gprince@gprince.seanet.com>, US West has
  withdrawn its proposed ISDN rates.  "The current rates are $35 for
  measured service $50 for 40 hours and $63 for unlimited service." 
  According to Gary:
    Currently tariffed usage charges are 4 cents/1.5 cent and 4.5/2 for
  first minute and thereafter, and within 8 miles of a switch, respectively.
  Evening discount of 35%.  All these usage charges are lowered in the
  recent rate case to a single rate of 2.5/1 with 40% evening discount. Full
  details are in http://www.w3.uswest.com:80/isdn/wa_singl.html