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Virginia SCC vs Bell Atlantic ISDN

  Curtesy of George Berger..
  Subject: Virginia SCC vs Bell Atlantic ISDN
  The following is a direct copy from an announcement in the Legal Notices
  section of the Alexandria Gazette Packet,page 50, Vol.CCXIII, March 21,
  "By Order of February 26,1996, the Virginia State Corporation Commission
  ("SCC") initiated an investigation into the pricing and provisioning of
  residential Integrated Services Digitial Network ("ISDN") Service by Bell
  Atlantic - Virginia, Inc. ("BA-VA"). The investigation will consider (1)
  whether flat rate prices for voice use, data use, or both should be made
  available and at what price, (2) whether existing usage-sensitive prices
  are affordable, (3) whether the offered transmission capabilities of ISDN
  lines are adequate, and (4) whether there are any other concerns about
  BA-VA's residential ISDN Service.
  Interested persons shall submit an original and five (5) copies of written
  comments concerning BA-VA's residential ISDN Service to the Clerk of the
  Commission, William J. Bridge, c/o Document Control Center, P.O.Box 2118,
  Richmond, Virginia 23218, on or before April 22, 1996, referring to Case
  No. PUC950078. Interested persons may also contact the Division of
  Communications at (804) 371-9420 or may write to the Division at P.O.Box
  1197, Richmond, Virginia 23218.