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Area Code Lobby

  3/24/96 6:00pm ct
          If you are interested in lending support to our citizen effort to
  make certain that common sense is used in deployment of new area codes in
  Texas, please lend your name by joining the listserver
          TO:     majordomo@bga.com
          TEXT:   subscribe npa-tx
  *** Please note the new "372" telephone numbers below.
                         "Save your money"..... Jack Paar
  Robert Wade Brown... Independent Telecommunications Consultant
  Post Office Box 49049   Austin, TX 78765-9049   rwb@robert.com
  Telephones: 512/372- Ofc: 4270 Fax: 4271  Res: 4272  Fax: 4273
  800/275-8787, Fax 800/349-7020