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satisfied customer

  John E. Babbitt Jr. wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:
  > ps... do you get full throughput or is your carrier totally loaded?
   JEBJ> Frame Relay goes from my site in Medford, OR to Ashland, OR,
   JEBJ> a "local call"  of only 25 miles.  Hardly ever congested. 
   JEBJ> From the ISP in Ashland, they use  MCI as their carrier and
   JEBJ> the link goes into Sacramento, CA.  It's clear  there, too. 
   JEBJ> From Sac to San Francisco, it's very crowded, sometimes
   JEBJ> giving  me 50%-80% packet losses.
  Frame relay is usually a reasonable option for a high bandwidth circuit which
  can sacrifice real-time performance for cost.  When two computers are having a
  conversation via TCP/IP, there are very different priorities from those of the
  conventional telephone system which is designed to allow humans to talk to each
  other in real-time.  For voice or video, frame relay is unacceptable.
  -- Mike