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whole house isdn

  I tried to post the following message to the isdn newsgroup, but my
  newserver is down.  Can anyone provide me with a little enlightenment?
  > I am in the process of building a new house, and think I want to go with 
  > ISDN.  I understand that you can use POTS devices with ISDN (Bitsurfr Pro 
  > allows 2 such devices), but is there any way to use a single ISDN line 
  > for POTS devices throughout the house (5 or 6 POTS devices total).  What 
  > I envision is having the ISDN POTS devices always available via 2 line 
  > telephones throughout the house, with my home office computer connected 
  > to the Bitsurfr Pro.
  > Will this require multiple ISDN devices or lines?  ISDN is really 
  > inexpensive for residential BellSouth customers in Tennessee, and I'd 
  > like to use it.
  > Will I be better served by getting a single standard line and 1 ISDN 
  > line?
  > Thanks in advance for any advice.
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