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Re: Northern Arkansas Telephone Company (fwd)

  On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, David Lesher wrote:
  > > Our ISDN prices are $17.90 for residential and $28.15 for business 
  > > unlimited useage within an exchange.  Check out our Home page at 
  > .............................^^^^^^^^
  > > southshore.k12.ar.us.
  > Not really. I read this as 'within ONE office'.....
     Well, this is from the NATCO web page.  I still think that $17.90 per 
  month, flat rate, for residential ISDN, is pretty good.  jamie
  Welcome to Natco!
  Northern Arkansas Telephone Company is an independent phone company which
  serves some 6400 subscribers in six exchanges spread over 650 square miles
  in north central Arkansas. NATCO has provided phone service to this area
  since 1951 and has recently became the first ISDN provider in the state,
  allowing advanced telecommunication services to even remote areas in
  Northern Arkansas. 
  James Love, love@tap.org
  P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036; v. 202/387-8030; f. 202/234-5176
  Consumer Project on Technology; http://www.essential.org/cpt/cpt.html
  Taxpayer Assets Project; http://www.essential.org/tap/tap.html